testimonials Bhavana & Hari

“Anvitha and Naveen are truly artists, what they create can almost be compared to an unlimited box of chocolates. Every time you unwrap it, you are taken back in time to your special day and every time, you find something new, something altogether so beautiful and evocative, that it goes beyond your usual wedding film.

Their Mise-en-scène begins from the very first interaction they have with you, they are extremely professional and listen with great care and attention to all your needs. Also what struck me and Bhav was how unobtrusive they were during the entire process of filming. Their creative judgment (esp. on the background song selection) was something that elevated our wedding film to the next level. You are in extremely safe hands and the final magic is something that transcends time and space.

Written by Hari ( I cannot take credit for these lovely words ) and I echo his sentiments.”

Bhavana & Hari

testimonials Ramya & Srikanth

Anvitha, Naveen and team (The now Marigold Company) managed to beautifully capture memorable moments at our wedding amidst the chaos of the events. The film turned out to be beyond our expectations – it was aesthetically very impressive, personal and brilliantly edited. It’s been 7 months since we got married and we still have friends talk about how lovely the wedding film was. It was a hectic 24 hr affair and they were extremely professional and accommodating. They put our family at ease and went about their job pretty much unobtrusively.

Srikanth and I cannot thank them enough for their awesome work and would highly recommend this talented team to anyone looking for a beautiful candid wedding film.

Ramya & Srikanth

testimonials Aditi & Sam

Thank you Anvitha for making our wedding film nothing short of magic; we loved it!

 Thank you for your attention to detail, for your professionalism and for bringing so much happiness every time we watch the film!

The Marigold Company has a very unique and yet appealing touch of class and elegance to their work; every wedding film of theirs that I’ve watched, warmed my heart and brought a happy tear or two, yet none of them were cliched or repetitive in any way! Anvitha and her team know just perfectly well how to bring out the soul of each wedding and present it in its most beautiful form!

The brilliance in their work reflects their passion and that is truly inspirational and commendable! Much love and God bless – may you reach greater heights!!

Aditi & Sam

testimonials Maryam & Ashfaq

Anvitha sorry this is late! But I’ve expressed my joy and gratefulness on my own profile! Working with Anvitha has been absolutely delightful. She has the creativity, talent and touch similar to some of the best wedding videographers out there. If you want something emotional, classy and memorable – these are the people for you. However what I found to be the best quality was Anvitha’s warmth, can do approach, gentleness and sensitivity to what you really want. I valued this over and above everything else – because with something as personal as your wedding you want someone who will really listen to you! Anvitha definitely does this and I hope she continues to do so even when she becomes one of India’s best wedding videographers!

Maryam & Ashfaq

testimonials Darshana & Ashwath

Somethings happen in a way you don’t understand when it even happened but what comes out of the happening is fantastic! That’s one such work Anvitha and Naveen have done! We had no idea when these guys shot those amazing moments but they were all so rightly captured. You guys not only gave us a quick fantastic synopsis of our wedding but also gave us a lot of fame and well wishes pouring! The number of people I’ve connected with post the film (steering childhood memories with people) is huge! You guys are fantastic and all these words have come from within and I absolutely mean it, you guys are going to go places and I envision it!

Wishing you guys all the very best!
Lots of love from A & D!

Darshana & Ashwath

testimonials Elsa & Calvin

Anvitha and Naveen (The Marigold Company) are the dream team duo you want for your big day.

Always reassuring; they are incredibly professional, a pleasure to work with and have at your wedding. They are exactly like having super talented close friends film your wedding – only much less distracted by the festivities, so win-win!

They captured us, our families, the love, and all those precious memorable moments that make a wedding truly ‘yours’, so beautifully. You can blindly trust that they absolutely know what they are doing, and will make your wedding video everything you want it to be and more. A fabulous ode to a once-in-a-lifetime kind of day that you’re free to re-live over and over again – thanks a million, guys 🙂

We have no doubt this awesome twosome will continue to win at work and life because of their amazing teamwork and ability to complement each other. More power to The Marigold Company – keep the magic coming!

Elsa & Calvin

testimonials Shruti & Francis

There are wedding videographers and then there is The Marigold company. I say this because they gave us so much more than just a wedding video. It was everything we wanted and things we didn’t know we wanted.

Francis and I have been together for 9years and we expected the wedding to be just a huge chaotic party. That it was but it was also so much more. Amidst all the chaos we missed a whole bunch of moments which this ridiculously talented duo somehow managed to catch. I say ‘somehow’ because they were so non intrusive that for the most part we didn’t see them around and our parents were convinced they had missed shooting the ceremony.

They are ninjas.

The video was as personal as it gets with just our closest family and friends. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

When I called Anvitha to thank her for this beauty, I was so overcome with emotion that words weren’t my best friends. I hope this review has made up for it. Thank you is really not enough. But for now.

Shruti & Francis

testimonials Shasvathi & Karthik

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. And I don’t think I can do it on a better day than Anvitha’s birthday. These two are just so talented, and work like true professionals. They walked around the wedding venue (mine was a resort) without disturbing anybody, or any ritual. It was beautiful how they managed that. Extremely calm and composed, and at the same time very excited, Anvitha is very poised and mature. After the film was done, she patiently heard me out and put up with all I wanted. It shows a very high level of professionalism and maturity. Everybody loved the film and we could not have asked for better. I’m so glad we picked you guys, and I’m so glad you guys picked us. Hope you move on to absolutely great levels, and I know you will.

Much love to you both

Shasvathi & Karthik

testimonials Divya & Vignesh

A wedding home can be a mad-house, but, Anvitha and Naveen are forbearing and unassumingly capturing people in their most innate form. The couple-team are so warm and kind that you feel comfortable telling them stories that have been so personal to you and enabling them into your intimate space.

At the heart of their work, there is talent, professionalism and most importantly a connection that they make with you at ease. When Anvitha was shooting me while I was getting ready and quietly giving me suggestions, it was much like a friend being there during vital times yet, not invading.

Anvitha, made alterations in our package on my request and came in on additional days, stayed for a longer time– all that showed their passion for the work they do.

I never planned on having a wedding film. However, when I chanced on one by The Marigold Company, I decided it would be them or none. Their use of the live conversations, chatter and sounds was what charmed me. It exudes relationships in all its rawness and gentleness and it is something I’m proud to showcase.

Divya & Vignesh

testimonials Suhasini & Vivek

You slide down in your seat and make yourself comfortable. On the screen in front of you, the movie image appears—enormous and overwhelming. If the movie is a good one, you allow yourself to be absorbed in its fantasy, and its dreams become part of your memories”

The words of Roger Ebert cannot be truer, this wedding movie made our hearts glad. It is filled with innocence, hope, and good cheer, it is a movie like DDLJ, that you can grow up with and grow old with, and it won’t let you down. It tells a story about friendship and love. That’s how beautifully Anvitha has captured this video.

Say, what is the common denominator between Ronaldo, Federer, Tendulkar, Picasso, Mozart, George Lucas and the likes? Well, it is the emotion of awe, astonishment, admiration and a reverence that they evoke in the people that watch or observe them. Well, anyone who has watched the wedding films made by The Marigold Company would stand testament to the fact that Anvitha is a budding genius with her editing skills, a proponent of her art.

Going down the memory lane, when my wife (Suhasini) stumbled upon her videos and excitedly babbled to me telling me as to how amazing it would be if we could’ve our wedding covered by The Marigold Company. After much discussion and deliberation Suhasini decided to write to Anvitha asking her if she would be able to cover our wedding (in our hearts we were apprehensive if we could give her enough footage to cover as we’re having a rather simple wedding), and with her reply, she immediately warmed our hearts

🙂 we knew right then that, we’re truly blessed to have her cover our wedding and make it more memorable. Not much communication was needed from the first contact till about a couple of weeks before the wedding but each time we spoke,it seemed like she knew exactly what we wanted! Then, on the day of the wedding, we finally met and like any cinematographer, she was ‘perched’ behind her lens, there was not much interaction and she and her husband went around with their work with the workmanship that would rival a bee in the trail of nectar.

Finally after 8 weeks we get a mail notification from her with the subject line “It’s ready!” Our hearts skipped a beat or two, there was palpable excitement within us.

We sat down to watch the video and be assured that for all the love for music that we have, we could NEVER have conjured up that moment with so much aplomb. And then, the video started playing and we were practically dumbstruck. We were mostly silent, and we smiled at parts, re-living those moments.. and then it was like the video was taking off to a different level.. the Violin in the background, that was resonating at a symphony only our hearts could match.

It would be a disservice if we would describe our feelings alone, so there are actual excerpts from our friends and family.

Hemin says “.. it was compiled & presented as a “Simple” wedding video, that’s something which is missing in today’s times..”

Smruthi says “yours is my favourite wedding ever. None can top the simplicity of emotion and being together than that. Love how original the video guys were with it, music, screen plays, back & forth, moments of you two, everything. It’s the perfect video of a beautiful memory.”

Niveditha says “..I just wanted to say, of all the pre-wedding, post wedding and wedding shoots i have been seeing for a while, after ages i found a very genuinely happy video where everyone is REALLY happy and not just for the camera. For all you know, we dont even know each other’s face, but i just am taking the liberty of commenting about this. Again, I LOVED IT…”

Shubashree says (a sister who couldn’t make it to the wedding) “it’s such a beautiful video, i almost felt like i were there watching it live..”

Sri & Santhoshi say “That was such a beautiful montage of your wedding. Thanks for sharing and.. we felt like we were there as well!”

We would just request any of you who is still on this page and contemplating whether to go forward with “The Marigold Company’s” services to take the leap of faith and just go ahead with them, because they would do complete justice to your wedding! So much so that, each time you watch your wedding video, it would put a smile on your face and erase any differences that might crop up over the years of your marriage!

Well, you don’t need to blindly trust our review, watch our wedding video on their Vimeo page .. see it and be mesmerized!! The magic is real


Forever in awe

Suhasini & Vivek

testimonials Juheena & Mohib

This review is long over due.
Anvitha and Naveen can work magic, they really can. They blended beautifully into our wedding celebrations and were such a welcome addition to our hectic days. Somehow, without asking and without being told, they managed to capture every single memorable event, moment, expression, and gesture in a highly unobtrusive, beautiful and professional manner. They really grasped the essence of our story and weaved it into our film. After going through The Marigold Company’s previous works, we were confident that our wedding film would be amazing. But we had not realized how beautiful and heart wrenching it would be as well. Every single person who has watched our wedding film has been moved, and can not stop complimenting their work.

We are glad we found you, and can’t wait to work with you again when the time comes round for the remaining family members to get hitched 😉

Thank you for helping us keep all of our beautiful memories beautiful.

Juheena & Mohib