About us

Anvitha Pillai

Growing up, I religiously only understood what it meant to  play a sport which I dedicated most of my adolescent life to – Basketball.

Once I decided to fly the nest (Madras), I moved to Bombay to earn my degree in Journalism at the renowned Sophia College. However, it was the solitary time I spent in our college library which housed a carefully curated collection of foreign and iconic films is when I realised how wonderfully it shaped my views and perceptions of life, how some cinematic moments have blown my mind away or how some scenes have left me gaping in amazement.

Living in Bombay did a world of good for me, in terms of cultivating a more pan-Indian perspective of our country, coupled with my camera which gave me an excuse to document all the little stories I conjured in my head of the people and places I was putting myself in.  Bombay was that city, that set me free from the shackles of a sheltered existence. I read copious amounts, backpacked across the country and sampled food I would otherwise never dare to venture for.

Soon after that, I graduated from the Aegean Centre of Arts in Europe; A liberal-Arts school, where I studied Analog/Darkroom photography on a Greek Island and Renaissance Art History in Italy. The opportunity to be able to study against the backdrop of two countries which have sowed the seminal seeds of some marvelous architectural feats and artistic innovation left me with enough fodder to last me a lifetime. I returned to India, hungry to create my own kind of content.

Documenting weddings happened by chance, and I realised that I thoroughly enjoyed being a fly on the wall, where I could observe people in their most intimate environments and capture a rare time in a person’s life. Filming weddings in India especially, has its own joy because of the constant cultural upheaval of place, costume, production design and of course, meaningful rituals. We strive to unobtrusively unearth the family dynamic of each bride and groom we shoot, while also slipping in those little quite moments of shared chemistry between the couple. We try and avoid any artifice, in terms of staging shots or forcing a couple to be intimate.  All this, while trying to weave a coherent and aesthetically told story between the the different events on my edit table.

Currently residing between Cochin, Chennai and Hyderabad at any given point, we are happy to travel all across the sub-continent to make your story a special one.

Naveen Yadav

Armed with a Master’s degree in computer engineering from Southern Illinois, USA, Naveen decided to make a foray back to his homeland in 2011, to pursue his true calling – Cinematography.

A full time Cinematographer in the Telugu Industry, successfully shot over four feature films (Ko Antey Koti, Yevede Subramanyam, Appatalo Okadundevadu and Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu) among  various other corporate films, documentaries and music videos.  He’s the second wind of the Marigold Company, apart from being my husband and chief technical support of our team. You’ll find him quietly waltzing with his glidecam on your big day, perfecting entries, exits and making sure he is my complimentary angle, in more ways than one.